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Abstract  Introduction: “Pain is a more terrible Lord of Mankind than death itself.”- Albert SchwitzerPain management is an ever changing subject in Anaesthesia where frequent inventions and interventions are made Aims and Objectives: To Study Pre-emptive Oral Gabapentin in Lower Abdominal Surgeries With respect To Analgesic Demand to Attenuate Post-Operative Pain.Methodology: All cases undergoing lower abdominal surgery under spinal anesthesia in Vyedhiinstitute of medical sciences, Banglore, during may2012 to may2013. Double blind randomized study was conducted on 100 patients after informed consent. Group G received oral gabapentin 600mg 1hr prior to surgery. Group C received placebo (vitamin c).All patients were subjected to spinal anesthesia using 3ml of 0.5% heavy bupivacaine and 25 mcg of fentanyl. The maximum duration of surgery was 1.5-2 hrs. 1st Analgesic dose and Total analgesic dose was calculated. Un-paired t-test was used to see statistical analysis. Result: The mean duration of 1st dosage of rescue analgesic in group G is 7.12±2.14 and in group C is 2.84±1.22. p value <0.001 which is strongly significant. Goup C patients required earlier rescue analgesic when compared to group G. The mean total rescue analgesic demand in group G is 1.90±0.76 and in group C is5.26±0.94. There is significant difference in total rescue analgesic demand in between the groups p value <0.001.Conclusion: Pre-emptive gabapentin is an effective post- operative analgesic. The effect of gabapentin given as single oral pre-operative dose lasted longer. Need for rescue analgesic is less thereby decreasing their adverse effects.

Keywords: Gabapentin, Lower Abdominal Surgeries, Analgesic Demand, Post-Operative Pain.




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