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Abstract Background: Primary Open Angle Glaucoma is defined as a ‘Progressive, chronic optic neuropathy in adults where intraocular pressure and other currently unknown factors contribute to damage and in which, in the absence of other identifiable causes, there is characteristic acquired atrophy of the optic nerve and loss of retinal ganglion cells and their axons; this is associated with an anterior chamber angle that is open by gonioscopic appearance’. The impairment of visual function in late stages is irreversible, it is crucial to monitor the extent of optic disc damage on clinical examination, defect of RNFL and visual field defects (VFD) for early diagnosis and management of glaucoma. This study is to compare the two methods of evaluation of optic nerve head changes (cup:disc ratio and NRR: disc ratio) in patients of primary open angle glaucoma with respect to visual field defects in Krishna medical institute. Aims and objectives: To co-relate clinically the Optic Nerve Head (ONH) changes and Visual Field Defects in patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma by two distinct methods. To evaluate ONH damage by two methods: Cup: Disc ratio and NRR: Disc ratio. To stage ONH damage by DDLS (Disc Damage Likelihood Scale). To correlate ONH changes by the above methods with visual field defects by the Hodapp-Parish-Anderson classification in Krishna hospital for a period of 18 months. Results: The correlation of Mean Defect (MD) and DDLS grades shows statistical significant correlation. (P<0.001). The relation shows negative correlation with Pearsons coefficient (r) as -0.71. The correlation of MD and Vertical CD Ratio shows statistical significant correlation. (P = 0.003). The relation shows linear pearsons coefficient (r) as- 0.62. The correlation of DDLS and HPA shows statistical significant correlation. (P<0.001). The relation shows linear Pearsons coefficient (r) as 0.70. The correlation of HPA and Vertical CD ratio shows statistical signification correlation. (P<0.001). The relation shows linear Pearsons coefficient (r) as 0.61. Both the Mean Defect (MD) and HPA classification have a stronger Pearson coefficient with DDLS than with vertical CD ratio.

Keywords: Primary open angle glaucoma, Cup: Disc ratio, rim: disc ratio.



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