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Abstract Introduction: Tympanic membrane is a membranous partition separating the external auditory meatus from the tympanic cavity, measuring 9-10 mm vertically and 8-9 mm horizontally. It plays a major role in middle ear transformer mechanism Aims and Objectives: To study hearing lost in relation to size of Tympanic Membrane perforation Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study carried out at Department of Otolaryngology at tertiary care health Centre during the year Jan.2014to Jan.2015 in all the patients of all age in the out- patient department of Otolaryngology with ear problems in these patients were examined by Otoscope and those patients who shows the perforation were include into the study and patients with serious complications like CSOM with meningitis and malignancies and those who not given consent were excluded from the study. Those patients who shown perforations were mainly divided into three groups i.e. Small 0-8 mm2. Medium -8.1-30 mm2- Large ≥30.1 mm2. All the ears were counted. The statistical Analysis done by one way ANOVA. The Hearing lost were measured in dB Audiometry. Result: Majority of the Patients were in the Age group of 1-10 i.e. 45% followed by 10-20 i.e 25%, 20-30 i.e. 10%, 30-40 i.e. 6.66%, 40-50 i.e. 3.33%. Majority of the patients were Females i.e. 65% and Males 35%. As per the Type perforation ; Small (0-8 mm2) was having 25± 3.2 dB (Mean ±SD) hearing lost and Medium (8.1-30 mm2) was having 29± 1.52 dB (Mean ±SD) hearing lost, Large (≥30.1 mm2) 34± 2.45 dB (Mean ±SD) hearing lost. As per the One way ANOVA test the increase in Hearing Lost was found statistically significant (p<0.001).Conclusion: In our study Majority of the Patients were in the Age group of 1-10 i.e. 45% the hearing lost was significantly increased with increase in the size of perforation.

Keywords: Size of Tympanic Membrane perforation, Audiometry, Tympanic Membrane.



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