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Introduction: Diabetes is a common affliction in all parts of the world. Its incidence is rising in developing countries like India with high incidence in the developed world. Foot infections are the most common problems in persons with diabetes. Aims and Objectives: To Study of Prevalence and Clinical profile of Peripheral Vascular Disease in Patients with Diabetic Foot infections. Methodology: This was a prospective analytical study, All diabetic patients admitted with a diagnosis of foot infection in the Department of General Surgery, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital between December 2013 to October 2015.Patients with diabetic foot infections aged above 18 yrs. Patients who have undergone arterial Doppler study included into study while Patients with previous history of peripheral arterial disease or previous surgeries for arterial occlusive disease, Patients with necrotizing fasciitis and severe sepsis, previous amputations excluded from the study. Statistical tests were carried out using S.P.S.S software. Result: The youngest patient was a 26 yr old female and oldest was male aged 80 years Most of the patients were in the age group 41-60 years. There were 65 males and 34 females in the study group of which 52 patients had PVD, 16 (30.8%) were females and 36 (69.2%) were males.PVD is more among patients who presented with ulcers 22 of 45 patients and gangrene 23 of 28 patients as compared to abscess and cellulitis. Majority of patients presented with ulcers (46%) or gangrene (28%) of toes or forefoot and only 20% were cases of cellulitis which was managed with conservatively 46% , 28%, 20%, 6%, ulcer, gangrene, cellulitis, abscess. Conclusion: The older the individual have more the chances of having peripheral vascular Compromise also a tobacco user and patient presenting with worse clinical findings is more likely to have PVD. Majority of patients presented with ulcers, gangrene, of toes or forefoot and less number of patients were having cellulitis.

Key Words: Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetic Foot infections, Clinical profile of -Peripheral Vascular Disease


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