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Abstract Introduction: Recent studies have identified bleeding after diagnostic cardiac catheterization (CATH) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures, particularly retroperitoneal bleeding. Aims and Objectives: To Study of Incidence and Outcome of Complications during Femoral Interventions. Methodology: This was a Hospital based cross-sectional study in the Patients undergoing Femoral Interventions for the various clinical conditions at tertiary health center, all the patient with age more than 20 yrs. during the Year January 2014- January 15 were taken into study those patients who given written consent were included into study while those who does not given consent and having serious illness and immuno-compromised state like uncontrolled diabetes etc. were excluded from the study. Result: The majority of the Patients were from 40-50- 25.45 % followed by 50-60- 23.63 %; 30-40- 20.90 %; >60- 19.09%; 20-30- 10.90% . Majority of the Patients were Male i.e. 56.36% and 43.63% were Female Out of the 110 Patients complications occurred in 15 patients hence the incidence of complications observed to 13.04% the most common complications were Minor vascular complication i.e. 2.60% and Loss of distal pulse-2.60%, Major vascular complication-1.73%, Pseudoaneurysm-1.73%, Retroperitoneal bleeding -0.86%, Other major bleeding- 0.86%, Vascular death- 0.86% and AV fistulae -0.86%, Hematoma -0.86% respectively. Out of the total 15 complications 73.33% Recovered and Death occurred in 6.66% and 20.00% referred to higher center for vascular surgeries. Conclusion: The incidence of complication in our study was found to 13.04% and most common type of complications was Minor vascular complication, Loss of distal pulse etc. So Still the procedure is with higher complications so the procedure should be done under observation of expert and all complication should be identified early and managed effectively by all by prompt vascular surgeons

Key Words: Complications of Femoral Interventions, AV fistulae, Hematoma, Pseudo- aneurysm.



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