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Abstract Aim: To describe the clinical trials registered in Clinical Trials Registry of India (CTRI) in 2013. Methods: All clinical trials registered in CTRI in 2013 and that recruitment status is complete were included for this study. The information about these trials were retrieved from the website of CTRI and summarized. Results: A total of 370 trials were registered in CTRI in 2013, out of which 96.4% trials are randomized clinical trial and 3.6% are non-randomized. Many (88%) of them were registered retrospectively and 12% were registered prospectively. Fifteen percent of these trials were on paediatric population, 81.6% were involving adults and 3.4% had both adults and children as their participants. Three fourth (75%) of the total registered trials are interventional, 10% are non-interventional, 10% are bioavailability/ bioequivalence studies and the rest (2%) are post-marketing studies. Conclusion: Three hundred and seventy trials were registered in CTRI in 2013 and most are randomized controlled trials on adults evaluating the efficacy of an intervention.

Key words: Clinical trials, CTRI, registration.



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