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Abstract  Introduction: Breech presentation and breech deliveries have always evoked interest among obstetricians. The optimum mode of delivery for breech fetuses is controversial Aims and Objectives: Study of Incidence and Prevalence of Breech Delivery at Tertiary care Health center Material and methods: This prospective study of placental location site in breech and shoulder presentations as compared to the vertex presentations was conducted in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology of kasturba medical college, at Govt. lady goschen hospital mangalore, from march 1990 to October 1991.During this 20 month study period there were 6614 deliveries. Of these 147 number were full term breech deliveries and 19 number were shoulder presentation deliveries. All mothers with breech presentations who had completed 38 weeks of gestations were included in the study. Shoulder presentations where the gestational age was more than 38 weeks were included in the study and were compared with vertex presentation who had completed 38 weeks of gestation. Result: Out of the total 6614 deliveries 147 breech deliveries so the prevalence of breech deliveries was 2.22% and for Shoulder deliveries the prevalence was 0.28 % .The incidence of breech after 38 weeks is 2.22%The incidence  of shoulder deliveries was 0.28%Incidence of Primi in breech study was 45% and Multi was 55%. Incidence of Primi in shoulder presentations was 22.22% and multi was 77.78%. Conclusion: form our study it can be concluded that Breech and Shoulder deliveries were more common in Multipara as compared to Primi-para. 

Keywords: Breech Delivery, Shoulder Delivery, Primi-para, Multipara.



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