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Abstract          Introduction: Tuberculosis is still one of the most common granulomatous diseases of the larynx. In the past, it commonly followed pulmonary tuberculosis. Among the risk factors identified are the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, malnutrition, immunodeficiency and being homeless. Aims and Objectives: To study Laryngeal Tuberculosis and its Outcome. Methodology: This was a hospital based cross- sectional study carried out at tertiary health care Centre with the patients diagnosed as Laryngeal tuberculosis by Otolaryngology department were admitted to ward and managed accordingly medical and necessary surgical management like tracheal dilation and Tracheostomy procedure were performed as per the protocols during the year June 2014 to June 2015 there were 45 patients studied during this time. Tabulations and Percentages used for the Presenting the Data. Result: We have found that the majority of the Patients were from >50- 35.55% followed by 40-50-20.00%, 30-40-15.55%, 20-30-13.33%, 10-20-8.88%, 1-10- 6.66%. Majority of the patients were Male 75.55% and Female 24.45%.The majority of the Patients presented with Stridor-35.55% followed by Dysphonia -17.77%. Dysphagia and odynophagia -15.55%, Throat pain -13.33%, Otalgia-8.88%, Fever-8.88%.The Majority of the Patients improved i.e. of 77.78% and 17.77% referred to Higher Centre for the further surgical management and prosthetic surgeries and Death occurred in 2 patient i.e. 4.44% mortality the reasons for the death was severe stridor. Conclusion: The majority of the Patients presented with complaining of Stridorfollowed by Dysphonia, Dysphagia and odynophagia, Throat pain, Otalgia, Fever. The Majority of the Patients improved i.e. of 77.78% and 4.44% mortality found in our study the reasons for mortality was severe stridor.

Keywords: Laryngeal Tuberculosis, Dysphonia, Odynophagia, Otalgia, Throat pain,


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