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Abstract          Background: Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) still remains a major public health problems in many countries including India. Thus the Iodised salt is most economical, convenient and effective means of mass prophylaxis against Iodine Deficiency Disorders. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of iodized salt usage at household level and to find out the iodine content of edible salt with MBI spot testing kit among women at household level in Ulagankulam panchayat of Tirunelveli. Materials and Methods: A community based cross sectional study among 306 women in households of Ulagankulam Panchayat, Thirunelveli District. A standardized, semi-structured questionnaire was applied to the women household who is in charge of kitchen to estimate the usage regarding iodized salt. Cooking salt was tested with MBI Spot testing kit for iodine content. Iodine content ≥ 15ppm was considered as adequately iodised salt. Appropriate statistical tests used and analysis done using SPSS 18 software. Results: Among the 306 salt samples tested, 123 (40.2%) were using adequately iodized salt (> 15ppm), 66 (21.6%) – inadequate iodized salt, 117 (38.2) – uniodized salt. 135 (44.1%) were buying salt from street vendors, 102 (33.3%) from nearby petty shops, 66 (21.6%) from General provisional store and 3 (1%) from Public distribution system (PDS). 54 (52.9%) and 54 (78.3%) of salt samples from nearby Petty shops and General provisional store were adequately iodized. Conclusion and recommendation: Based on this study, only 40.2% were using adequately iodised salt. This is well below the WHO recommended level (90%). Iodized salt should be manufactured in small pockets and made available at low cost even in petty shops and public distribution systems of rural areas and legal measures to ban crystallized non iodized salt to be strengthened. Increased awareness and frequent inspection by health staffs to be done.

Keywords: Iodized, Iodine deficiency disorders, MBI spot testing kit, Salt.
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