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The transition to menopause represents the passage from reproductive to non-reproductive life. Most women during the menopause experience irregular menstrual periods along with fluctuation of ovarian hormones secretion during this time. Usually during the menopause and after menopause i.e. post-menopause women face physical and emotional changes. Since years various investigators have already documented an association between depression and menopause. Post-menopausal period is accompanied in a majority of women with significant somatic and psychiatric symptomatology. Objective: Since psychiatric symptomatology is a growing concern in post-menopausal women, hence we tried to examine whether a comorbidity of metabolic and psychiatric disorders occurs in this patient population or whether these disorders occur independently. The study was planned to examine comorbidity of recurrent depressive disorder with thyroid dysfunction and altered lipid metabolism in post-menopausal women (PMW). Method: To conduct this study a cross sectional, case-control study was planned. The experimental group consisted of PMW with recurrent depressive disorder (ICD-10 criteria) (n=100), and was compared with a control group (n=100) of PMW without recurrent depressive disorder. Subjects were assessed through Beck’s depressive self-rating inventory and their blood level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and lipid profile was assessed. Group comparison was done with chi square test and z test. Correlation analysis was undertaken using Pearson correlation coefficients (r). Result: Results obtained depicted that serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, TSH levels were significantly higher and HDL levels were significantly lower in the depressed group.Highly significant positive correlation was found between Beck’s score and TSH levels in depressed PMW. Conclusion: Taken together, these data demonstrated that comorbidity of recurrent depressive disorder with Thyroid dysfunction and lipid metabolism abnormality in post-menopausal women is common and needs clinical attention.

Keywords: Depression, post-menopausal women (PMW), Thyroid dysfunction, lipid profile, Beck’s depressive self-rating inventory.



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