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Abstract         Objectives: To study the clinicopathological correlation of colorectal carcinoma and its histopathological typing. Materials and Methods: Retrospective study of one year duration from Jan 2013-Dec 2013 was done in Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Mangalore. Hematoxylin and eosin stained slides were retrieved from pathology archives and light microscopic diagnosis and typing was done according to the WHO classification. Correlation was done with the clinical findings obtained from clinical records. Histochemistry and immunohistochemistry were done wherever indicated. Results: There were a total of 24 cases of colorectal cancer, majority being adenocarcinomas (87.5%), with age range of 26 to 75 years and almost equal sex ratio. One case was associated with familial adenomatous polyposis coli (FAP). Majority were well differentiated (66.6%) followed by moderately differentiated (28.6%) and poorly differentiated type(4.8%) About 67% of adenocarcinomas occurred in the rectum followed by rectosigmoid junction (17%) and sigmoid colon(8%). Other three rare tumours (12.5%) were neuroendocrine tumour of transverse colon, leiomyosarcoma and mixed adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine tumour. Conclusion: The diagnosis and management of colorectal carcinomas require a team perspective. The pathological assessment of colorectal carcinoma is of critical importance to know the type and extent of tumour, grade and stage, and important prognostic factors, which are of crucial value in patient treatment and predicting the prognosis.

Keywords: Colorectal carcinoma, Clinicopathological, Neuroendocrine tumor

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