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Abstract        Introduction: Our eating habits have changed a lot during the evolution of mankind. What one eats will influence the lipid levels. Especially cholesterol in particular. Cholesterol is an important steroid of the body. It is found in the brain and other nervous tissues. Adrenals and pancreas. It is derived equally from the diet and biosynthesis. Aims and Objectives: To Study of Personal habits and associated addictions in suicides and Para suicides at tertiary health care center Materials And Methods: The present study was undertaken in patients admitted, in the department of medicine, Krishna hospital and research centre, Karad, with the history of attempted suicide during the period of jan 1995 Dec 1996. Eighty consecutive patients with history of attempted suicide during the period of 1995-1956 were included in the study. The patients with attempted suicide included: Organochloride poisoning. Organophoshorus poisoning (opp), Sleeping pills, Unknown poisoning, Hanging Miscellaneous Out of these, Control groups consisted of 41 patients. They were either healthy controls or those were admitted for illnesses other psychiatric illnesses. Result: The mean age of the parasuicides was slightly lower than that of the controls and suicidal cases. This difference was however not significant (t=2.0p> 0.5) The distribution of males was higher in all the groups. The dietary habits of the study subjects were not significantly different amongst the three study groups. Proportion of smokers was low in all the study groups. Due to the small number of smokers, no statistical inference could be drawn. The prevalence of alcohol consumption was low among all the 3 groups. A crude analysis showed that a small amount of alcohol consumption was not significantly associated with the risk for suicides or parasuicides. Conclusion: The Personal habits and Addictions like dietary habits, Smoking and Small amount of alcohol consumption was not significantly associated with Suicides or Para-suicides

Keywords: Suicides, Para suicides, Personal habits.

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