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Aim: To determine the virulence factors haemolysin production, hemagglutination and serum resistance in Escherichia coli (E.coli) of urinary isolates and Escherichia coli isolated from the other sites like blood, exudate and stool. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in the Department of Microbiology, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute. A total of 120 strains of E. Coli isolated fromthe following specimens urine (50), Exudate (25), Blood (25) and Stool (20) were included in the study and assessed for the presence of Uropathogenic virulence factors such as Haemolysin production, Hemagglutination property both the Mannose Resistant Hemagglutination (MRHA) and Mannose Sensitive Hemagglutination (MSHA) and Serum Resistance factor. Results: Among the 50 urinary isolates haemolysis was observed in 10%, hemagglutinating property was seen in 20 %( MRHA 7 and MSHA 3 n=10)) and 88 % of them had serum resistance factor. Out of the 25 E.coli strains isolated from the exudate samples none of them was found to be haemolytic, 12% of them were hemagglutinating (MRHA 67% and MSHA 33%) and serum resistance factor was seen with 24% of isolates. Among the 25 E. coli isolates from the blood 8% were haemolytic, 28% of them were hemagglutinating (MRHA 100%) and serum resistance factor was observed in 72. Out of 20 E.coli strains isolated from stool, haemolysis was not seen in any of the them, 20% of them were hemagglutinating property (MRHA 100%) and serum resistance factor was positive in 20% of them. Summary and Conclusion: A total of 50 E.coli reported as significant bacteriuria (>105) was included in this study and at the same time 70 isolates of E.coli reported from other specimens (Blood, Exudates and Stool) were taken as control group. Uropathogenic virulence factor was exhibited by 45 out of 50 urinary isolates (90%). Serum Resistance is the commonest virulence factor observed in our study (88%) followed by Hemagglutination property (20%) and Haemolytic property (10%). The entire 3 virulence factor is exhibited by 3 strains of urinary isolates (6%) only. In the control group Haemolysis was observed in 2 isolates, Hemagglutination with 24 isolate, Serum Resistance in 28 E.coli isolates.

KeyWords: Uropathogenic E.coli, Haemolysin, Hemagglutination, Serum resistance.


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