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Abstract     Introduction: Though, the incidence of RF (Rheumatic fever)and RHD (Rheumatic heart disease) has been curbed in the developed countries, its incidence in developing countries like India is still high.. Especially, in pediatric population, it contributes to a major portion of preventable heart diseases and is also of significant public health importance. In India, 32-50% of all cardiac cases result from Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease, thus it constitutes a major health problem. Aims and Objectives: To Study Various Electro cardio graphic and Roentgenographic Changes in patients with Rheumatic heart disease. Methodology: Present study was carried to study the clinical profile of Rheumatic fever (RF) and Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in patients of all age groups. The study was approved by the ethics committee prior to commencement of data collection. This cohort study was conducted on all cases diagnosed as Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease. 196 cases fulfilling inclusion criteria were selected as subjects. Result: P-mitrale was seen in 17 (13.39%) patients, P pulmonale in 08 (6.30%) patients. P wave was absent in 18 (14.17%) patients. On ECG, LVH was found in 25 (19.69%) patients, RVH in 26 (20.47%) patients, BVH in 10 (7.87%) patients, AF in 18 (14.17%) patients and VE in 03 (02.36%) Patients. Cardiomegaly on CXR-PA view was seen in 29 (22.83%) patients. Conclusion: P-mitrale, P-pulmonale, absent P wave, LVH, RVH, BVH, AF, VE were the common ECG findings while Cardiomegaly was common on X-ray.

Key words: P-mitrale, P-pulmonale, LVH, RVH, BVH, Cardiomegaly, Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD).

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