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Abstract     Introduction: Almost one third of the world population have iodine deficiency. Approximately 42 million people in India are suffering from various thyroid disorders. Common thyroid diseases in India are hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goitre, iodine deficiency disorders, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and thyroid cancer. The high incidence of thyroid diseases in India needs to be investigated since Iodized salt is freely available. A cross sectional study in Tamilnadu by Pandav CS et al. in 2010 showed poor iodine levels in the salt. Mark P J Vander pump states that goitre prevalence can go up to 80% in iodine deficiency areas. Other main cause of goitre is autoimmune diseases. Also gender plays an important role in thyroid disorders. Total thyroidectomy is one of the common mode in the treatment of thyroid diseases. The incidence of thyroid diseases show marked geographical variation around the world. In this study, we would like to present the pattern of thyroid diseases in our hospital which is situated in a hilly region of Tamil Nadu, South India. This is a retrospective study of 2 years duration. Data on the disorders of thyroid gland was collected from medical records department. The histopathological diagnosis was collected with age and sex in 97 cases of total thyroidectomy. The collected data was analysed and compared with similar data from other regions. Our study showed lowest incidence of Papillarycarcinoma (5%) highest incidence of thyroiditis (25%) compared to various centres around the world. More studies are required to find the possible causes.

Keywords: Thyroid pathology, thyroidectomy, south India, goiter, incidence.


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