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Abstract     Requirement, both ethically and academically. Anesthesia is rendering patients- unconscious, controlling their reflexes, monitoring and maintaining vital functions. Modern Anesthesia Machines help in great deal. Any malfunction may lead to mishaps, which are directly proportional to morbidity/mortality. The paucity of time during anesthesia makes it- all too, more important to have 100% correct equipment. So PAC systems have been developed-modified-adopted and need to beimplemented. As late as 1993 the importance of well designed PAC (preanesthesia check) was developed and accepted for use. Periodically there have been additional recommendations/ Guidelines for practicing PAC and check list are presented. Every day these check-lists are to be filled by anesthesia personal. Accordingly this study was conducted, the study parameters are tabulated, analysed and recommendations are made. The results of this study indicate that the PAC is not practiced, especially the anesthesia machine and circle absorber, as required, and recommended for safe anesthesia. Hence, Periodic training programs and updating of recommendations with stress on strict implementation.

Keywords: preanesthesia check.


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