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Abstract     Introduction: Hydrocephalus remains one of the devastating and prevalent treatable forms of neurologic injury. Hydrocephalus is one of the most common forms of secondary neurologic injury. Material and Methods: The present study had been conducted at Bombay hospital and medical research center at marine lines. Bombay from august 2001 to October 2003. The study comprises 30 patients of congenital hydrocephalus which were not treated previously were admitted in pediatric and neurosurgery department. In the present study detailed clinical history, through physical and neurological examination were carried out in addition to routine investigations like CSF analysis, CT scan and MRI. Result: Investigation depends upon the cause of hydrocephalus but ct and MRI are the investigation of choice. In a case of vein of galen MR angiography is a investigation of choice. The USG is also sensitive but it doesn’t rule out structural anomalies of brain. The treatment depends upon causes of hydrocephalus but Vp shunt is the treatment of choice. Out of 30 cases, 25 cases are treated by Vp shunt. One case of Arnold-chiari had undergone sub-occipitalcraniotomy + upper cervical laminectomy. One case has undergone intra-aneurysmal coiling.2 cases had received excision of meningo-mylocele with Vp shunt. 2 cases had not taken treatment. Out of 28 cases who had received the vp shunt as treatment, 10 cases shows shunt block, 10 cases shows shunt infection, 1 cases shows intestinal perforation, 1 case shows trans-anal migration. 6 cases done well without any complications Conclusion: CT and MRI are the investigation of choice. The drawback of USG is it doesn’t rule out structural anomalies. Vp shunt is the treatment of choice. Shunt block and infection are the commonest complication of VP shunt.

Keywords: Congenital Hydrocephalus, Vp (Ventriculo-peritoneal ) shunt, Galen MR angiography.



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