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Abstract     Objective: To assess the risk factors associated with preterm labour at a tertiary care hospital in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Methods: Present study was carried out at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur during August 2007 to August 2009. Total 320 cases were studied out of which 160 were in study group and 160 were in control group. Study Group included all cases reporting to labour room or OPD as preterm labour or threatened preterm who deliver prematurely before 37 weeks and cases who presented to our ANC OPD as threatened preterm and were conserved with tocolysis but failed to respond and delivered prematurely. We have excluded all cases of induced preterm labour. Control Group comprised of one hundred and sixty consecutive cases admitted as full term pregnancy in labour. Patient's obstetric histories regarding previous preterm birth, abortions were taken into account. Examination of the mother including her height, weight, blood pressure and pallor if present were noted. Newborn baby was examined thoroughly. Sex, weight of the baby and congenital anomalies if any were noted. Results: Preterm labour was found to be significantly higher in: teenage mothers, low maternal weight and height, mothers who were manual workers, mothers with low socioeconomic status, previous history of preterm labour, cases with history of coitus in last 24 hours, Anaemic mothers, cases with pregnancy induced hypertension, cases with antepartum haemorrhage, febrile illness in mother and multiple pregnancy.

                      Keywords: Preterm labour, maternal weight, maternal height, premature rupture of membranes.



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