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Abstract     Introduction: Ayurveda considers Jaundice (Kamala) as a disorder of raktavahastrotas. Yakrit and pleeha are moolasthana of raktavahastrotas. Vitiated Pitta is the main causative factor in the pathogenesis of kamala.As per Modern View the human liver contains complex parenchymal cells that perform multiple functions which are essential for life. The liver does not easily demonstrate dysfunction at least in its metabolic activities. This is because of enormous reserve capacity and marvelous regenerating power of the liver and only a small portion of the liver is enough to perform all the functions. About 75- 80% of liver, need to be out of function for any of the test to be positive. “a silent organ,” The common causes of chronic liver diseases all over the world are infection with hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus and alcohol abuse.Bilirubin is the yellow breakdown product of normal heme catabolism caused by body’s clearance of aged RBCs which contain haemglobin. Bilirubin works as cellular antioxidant. Haemoglobin is broken down to heme and globin portion. Conclusion: The Samprati (Pathology) of Kamala should be studied in reference to Ayurveda and Modern as these two wisdom are not irreverent to each other or contradictory but complementary to each in understanding various causes and hence the Pathology of Jaundice (Samprati of Kamala) and could be helpful for the management also.

Keywords: Samprati of Kamala, Pathology of Jaundice, Bilirubin.



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