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Abstract     Objective: To study the Contraceptive practices in perimenopausal women and to compare between perimenopausal women educated less than 12th std. (Group A) and Perimenopausal women who were graduate or had completed 12th std (Group B) Methods: A questionnaire based study was done on 250 Perimenopausal women attending Gynae OPD and to evaluate the impact of literacy on the contraceptive choices among these women. Results: Mean parity of Group A was (2.96) as compared to Group B (2.16). Effect of literacy on reducing the parity was statistically highly significant (p<0.0001) and was inversely related to it. Barrier IUCD as method of contraception was preferred by more educated class (p<0.0001) and lesser educated class preferred natural methods (51.92%) and permanent methods of contraception. Awareness about emergency contraception in perimenopausal women is limited more so in lesser educated class which was statistically highly significant.

Keywords: Contraceptive, Emergency Contraception.




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