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Abstract     Aim: To study the usefulness of ASU-MCU in modern medicine in view of 3D cross sectional imaging era. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively analysed consecutive 125 patients referred to our department during January 2016 to May 2016 for the ASU-MCU study. There are 100 adults and 25 paediatric patients with 92 male patients and 33 female patients. The age ranging from 1 month to 78 years with majority in 30-50 age groups. Majority of adult patients are referred for ASU-MCU. Majority (80%) paediatric age group patients are referred for MCU. Results: The indications in adult male patients were urethral stricture (22%), VUR (18%), diverticulum due to chronic bladder outlet obstruction (12.8 %) urethral injury or perineal trauma (4%), patients of CKD who are prospective renal transplant recipients (4%) and urethrocutaneous fistula (2.4 %). In adult female patients the indications were recurrent urinary tract infections due to VUR (14.4 %), diverticulum (1.6%) and cystocele (0.8 %). In children main indication is VUR (12.5 %), exstrophy of bladder (6.5 %) and neurogenic bladder due to meningomyelocele (1%). Conclusion: Our retrospective analysis denotes that ASU-MCU is still a very useful dynamic imaging study .The common indications are stricture urethra and VUR. The Radiology students should be taught about these procedures. All the referring clinicians were satisfied with the imaging outcome.

Keywords:Ascending cystourethrography (ASU), Micturating Cystourethrography (MCU).


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