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Abstract     Introduction: Varicose veins occur commonly in the general population with 36% of people in the United Kingdom affected.1A major complication of varicose veins is venous ulcer, which accounts for over 75% of all chronic leg ulceration. Aims and Objectives: To study the Risk factors associated with chronic ulceration with patients of varicose vein Methodology: This was a hospital based study cross-sectional study carried out at the General Surgery Department of Bidar Institute of Science during the one year period i.e. March 2014-March 2015. All the patients with problems of varicose vein were studied only those persons were having ulceration were included into the study and those who don’t given consent and were having terminal illness were excluded from the study. The statistical analysis done by Z-test (Difference between two Proportions) Result: In our study we have found that Majority of the Patients were in the Age group of >50 i.e. 42.50% followed by 40-50-30.00%; 30-40-15.00%; 20-30-5.00%; 10-20-5.00%; 1-10-2.5%Majority of the patients were Male i.e. 67.50% and Females were 32.50% The majority of the Patients with chronic ulceration with varicose vein were associated significantly with risk factors like H/o Long Standing Work 75.00 %(Z=5.55, p<0.05. HS) H/o Smoking 72.50% (Z=4.28, p<0.05.HS), H/o Diabetes 57.50% (Z=5.21,p<0.05.HS)Obese (BMI>30) 72.50% (Z=3.8, p< 0.05. NS), Infection 70.00% (Z=3.39,p<0.05.HS)H/o DVT 60.00% (Z=2.95,p<0.05.HS), Hypertension 62.50% (Z=4.49,p<0.05.HS). Conclusion: The identification of risk factors like Long Standing Work Smoking, Diabetes Obese, Infection, Hypertension helps to prevent the complication of ulceration in varicose vein.

Keywords: Chronic ulceration with patients of varicose vein, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obese.


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