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Introduction: Paediatric clinical pharmacology is well established in western countries, but in our country. Bioavailability of a drug is altered in paediatric age group especially due to many variable factor, like, larger body surface in proportion to body-wt., changes in haematocrit values and phases of maturation of organs like kidney, liver etc. Hence clinical response, to a drug would depend on varieties of factors and, would decide the ultimate outcome in, especially, a sick child. Aims and Objectives: To Study Gentamicin level in CSF of the Pediatric Patients with Meningitis Methodology: This was prospective clinical trial at tertiary care hospitalthe children admitted in pediatric ward of a general hospital constituted the material for the present study. Only those children, for whom diagnostic L.P. was considered necessary on admission, were included in this study and hence no child was subjected to L.P. only for the purpose of this study. Out of the selected children, those who did not have any clinical and laboratory evidence of intracranial infections, constituted the group of normal children. Whereas those, who had clinical and Laboratory evidence of intracranial infections, constituted the another group under study. Both the group of children was subjected for similar work-up. Total 28 children were included into the study. Result: In Children Without Meningitis There are wide fluctuations is the serum concentration at 11/2 hrs. C.S.F. did not show any detectable concentration of drug. Fluctuation in serum concentration same as in group one. Most of the children show detectable concentration of drug in C.S.F. Serum levels after 5 doses have shown marked variation. None of them had any detectable level in C.S.F. Conclusion: Presence of detectable in c.s.f. is in marked variation. With absence of detectable levels in children without meningitis. This does show the effect of altered blood-brain barrier in meningitis





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