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In general, “elderly” age group is defined as persons aged 65 years and above. The two extremes of life child and elderly need special care. Elderly life is full of problems – physical, social and economic. While ageing of the population is essentially a simple phenomenon, its consequences are multiple and not always well recognized Methodology: A hospital based retrospective study was undertaken during the period of1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 to know the morbidities in geriatric population admitted in Government Medical College Latur. Results: Mean age of geriatric patients was 72 years and maximum age of patient admitted was 106 years. common morbidity seen is cataract and diminished vision (62.92%), followed by Injury and various fractures(19.53), Diseases of circulatory system ;Diseases of blood and blood forming organs (4.52), Diseases of respiratory system (2.71), Infectious and parasitic diseases (2.44), Diseases of digestive system (2.26). Conclusion: There is a growing need for interventions to ensure the health of this vulnerable group and to create a policy to meet the care and needs of the disabled elderly. Further research, especially qualitative research, is needed to explore the depth of the problems of the elderly.

Keywords: Geriatrics, Morbidity Profile.




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