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Introduction: Soft-tissue injuries of the cranio-maxillofacial region still remain one of the common disease encountered in the casualty department of every health-care facility. Aims and Objectives: To Study Outcome of Maxilo-facial soft-tissue injuries at tertiary care health Centre. Methodology: This was a Cross-sectional study carried out at the Department of Dentistry of Government Hospital of Tertiary Health care Centre during the period from June 2007 to June 2014 in 7 yrs. Period in all the patients Reported to Government Hospital for the injuries with the various reasons. The patients of Hard tissues except (Dento-alveolar) and head injury, were excluded from the study. Total 126 patients were reported during the time period. The outcome of these patients were noted. Result: In our study we have seen that The majority of the patients were form the age groups (Yrs.) of 30-40- were 45 (35.71%); followed by 20-30 were 35 (27.77%); 40-50 were 19 (15.07%); 50-60 were 15(11.90%); >60Yrs were- 12 (9.52%) respectively. The majority of the patients were Male- 95(75.30%) followed by Female-31 (24.70%)The most common cause was RTA- 62 (49.20%) followed by Assault 21 (16.66%); Fall -41(32.53%); Animal assault injuries -2 (1.58%). The most common pattern of injury was Soft tissue only was 55 (43.65%) followed by Soft tissue + Dentoalveolar was 38(30.15%); Soft tissue + Dentoalveolar + Tongue was 13 (10.31%); Soft tissue + Tongue only was 20 (15.87%). The majority of the patients were improved i.e. 120 (95.23%) followed by Referred to Higher Centre due to neurological problems were 6 (4.77%). Conclusion: The most common cause was RTA followed by Assault, Fall, Animal assault injury The most common pattern of injury was Soft tissue only was followed by,Soft tissue plus Dentoalveolar and in outcome the majority of the patients were improved and remaining referred to higher Centre for the neurological problems.

Key Words: Cranio-maxillofacial soft-tissue injuries, RTA(Road Traffic Accidents).




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