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Modalities such as radiographs and computed tomography (CT), which are routinely done in trauma cases, are not the modalities of choice to visualize muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. Though the gold standard modality to visualize muscles is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) factors such as cost and availability hinder it from being used as a routine in minor injuries. Therefore musculoskeletal involvement may often be under diagnosed. Ultrasound though traditionally overlooked, is a valuable tool for screening and evaluating many common musculoskeletal abnormalities. With the advent of specialties such as sports medicine, ultrasound is emerging as an essential screening modality.  We present to you a review of the sonological findings of commonly encountered musculoskeletal conditions that can be confidently diagnosed by ultrasound. The common cases we will be reviewing are tendonitis, tendon rupture, and posttraumatic changes in muscles and tendons.

Keywords: Sonographic evaluation, trauma in musculoskeletal.





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