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Abstract          Background: The spinal trauma is one of the leading problems in orthopaedic practice. Thoracolumbar spinal segment is the 2ndmost commonly involved segment after the cervical segment in spinal injuries, about 35 to 60% of all spinal injuries occurring between T12 and L2. The treatment options for unstable thoracolumbar spine fractures and fracture dislocations have long been controversial. Many authors, advised non-operative treatment in the past, but nowadays, posterior instrumentation gives excellent outcome. Materials and Methods: In all, a total of 20 cases were evaluated and assessed during the study period between August 2012 to July 2015. The study was conducted in the Department of Orthopaedics, GMKMCH, SALEM. Preoperative x-rays CT, MRI were done and neurological status recorded. The clinical outcome was measured with Denis pain scale and Denis work scale. Neurological status was assessed with ASIA scale. Radiological outcome was assessed by measuring the regional kyphotic angle and anterior vertebral height. Results: In our study the clinical outcome was good. Most of the patients returned to their previous job and had a considerable reduction in pain.95% of patients had an improvement in their neurological status. There was a decrease in the regional kyphotic deformity and an increase in anterior vertebral height.1 patient had implant failure with decrease in the neurological status.1 patient had pedicle screw misplacement with no neurological complications and 1 patient had superficial wound infection. Conclusion: N: Pedicle screw instrumentation provides less surgical exposure, correction of deformity and better stabilization. It provides fixation and stabilization of all the three columns. So stabilization, reduction and decompression using pedicle screws and rods helps in stabilization of unstable fractures and helps in further neurologic recovery of the patient.

Keywords: Pedicular screw and rod fixation system, Thoracolumbar spine injuries, Denis pain scale, Denis work scale, ASIA scale.





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