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Abstract          Introduction: Throughout the centuries, splenic worth has vacillated from the lofty pedestals of an essential organ life to the lowly depths of a vestigial organ without merit. -C.E.LUCAS, 1989.17TH Aims and Objectives: To Study Incidence and Outcome of Blunt abdominal trauma at tertiary health care center. Material and Method: This cross-sectional, clinical study was carried out on patients with blunt abdominal trauma and were admitted to Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Medical Collage and Chhatrapati Pramila Raje Hospital, Kolhapur. Data was collected from 150 cases but for study 100. The collected data were analyzed and mean. Percentages and proportions were calculated by using SPSS version 17. Results: In the present study, maximum number of cases were in 11-20 age group (28%) followed 31-40 age group (22%). Average age was 25.1 years. Range was from 3 to 60 years. In the present study. 78(78%) patients were males and 22(22%) were females. Male to female ratio was 3.4:1. Most common cause of blunt injuries was road traffic accidents 62(62%) cases. Second common cause was fall from height, 26(26%) cases. Other cause was hit by blunt objects and assaults. Most common symptom was pain abdomen (98%). Next common symptom was vomiting 32 (32%) cases followed by distension of abdomen 20(20%). 6(6%) cases had urinary retention and 4(4%) had hematuria.98 (98%) patient presented with tenderness at the time of admission. Next most common sign was local or generalized guarding 48 (48%) cases. Followed by shifting dullness which was present in 30(30%) of cases. 24 (24%) cases were in shock at admission and bowel sounds were absent or sluggish in 20 (20%) cases. Septicemia was the most common cause of death (6 cases). Two patients died of ARDS and another two of sudden cardiac arrest. Conclusion: It can be concluded form our study that average age was 25.1 years, male to female ratio was 3.4:1, most common cause of blunt injuries was road traffic accidents and most common symptom was pain abdomen followed by vomiting and distension of abdomen. Most common sign was local or generalized guarding shifting dullness. Septicemia was the most common cause of death followed by ARDS.

Keywords: Blunt abdominal trauma, Septicemia, ARDS.




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