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Abstract          Aims and Objective: To evaluate the effect of single loading dose of mgso4 in severe preeclampsia. To evaluate the foeto maternal outcome in patients with severe preeclampsia. Material and Methods: The study will be conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pannadhay Rajkiya Mahila Chikitsalaya, RNT Medical College, Udaipur. One group of 50 women received only loading dose of mgso4. Another group of 50women were given complete standard regime according to the Pritchard regime i.e. 14gm loading dose followed by maintenance dose. Number of fits was observed after mgso4 given. Side effect due to drug like vomiting, headache, pain or abscess at site of injection was observed. Serious side effects including respiratory distress, renal failure, cardiac arrest and immediate neonatal outcome was also observed. Results: There were total of 100patients of severe PIH in study were randomized to receive either standard Pritchard regime or loading dose only. The profile of patients between case and control were comparable. The number of convulsion were 5in case and 4 in control group not significantly different. Pvalue-0.727. The disease severity indicators serum uric acid and LFT between two groups were also comparable. The rate of caesarean delivery was 50.0%in case and 30.0%in control group. There were also no significant difference in foetal outcome. Conclusion: The study suggested that only loading dose of mgso4 is as effective as standard regime in controlling convulsion in severe PIH. The number of fits was comparable in both groups. It reduces painful repeated I.M. injections and infection at injection site and also reduce the maternal and foetal toxicity due to higher dose of mgso4..

Keywords: MgSO4, PIH.




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