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Abstract          Thymic cyst are among the rare cysts found in the neck. Symptomatic swelling in the lateral part of neck includes cervical thymic cyst as a rare possibility. A spectrum of abnormalities of thymus is attributed to the Embryonic cervical decent of the thymic primordium in the pharangeal arches. Sequestrated cystic cervical thymus is found along the normal path of decent with or without parathyroid gland. It is cystic version of accessory cervical thymus and may have a fibrous band or a solid thymic cord connection to the pharynx or mediastinum. Cervical thymic cyst is a rare clinical entity and is a rare radiological finding leading to seldom preoperative diagnosis. We are presenting a rare form of thymic cyst in the cervical region as a post excision recurrent swelling in the left side neck.

KeyWord: Cervical thymic cyst, Pharangeal arch.


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