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Aim: To find out effect of circuit resistance training on upper limb muscle strength in volleyball attacker players. Objectives: To study effect of circuit Resistance Training on strength of triceps, deltoid, shoulder internal rotator muscles and on workout volume in volleyball attacker players. Procedure: 30 Subjects were collected according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Consent was taken from respective subjects to conduct the study. Respective protocol was followed for Group A (Controlled Group) and Group B (Experimental Group); over 5 weeks, with 3 sessions per week .Pre and post values of Subjects were assessed by using 10 RM and Push up test. The statistical tests used for analysis of result were: Paired t-test and unpaired t- test. Mean standard deviation and standard error was carried out for both groups. Result: After 5-weeks of training period, the B group showed more improvement in Strength of Triceps (P< 0.050) considered significant, Deltoid (p< 0.040) considered significant, Shoulder internal rotators(p<0.030) considered significant and Push up performance (p<0.000) Considered extremely significant. Conclusion: This study concludes that Circuit Resistance Training is more effective in improving the strength of shoulder internal rotators, deltoid and triceps Muscles as compare to regular Training in volleyball players.

Keywords: Volley Ball Attacker players, Volley Ball, Circuit Resistance training, 10 RM, Push up Test.





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