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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2013 pp 69-71

Research Article

Giant Lipoma Back Mimicking as Lipomeningomylocele -A Case Report


Dhiraj Parihar1, Preeti Raikwar2, Arvinder Pal Singh Batra3*, Jeewandeep Kaur4

{1Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery} {2Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics}

{3Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy} {4Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology}

 B. P. S., Government Medical College for Woman, Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat, Haryana, INDIA.


Academic Editor : Dr. Aher K.R.



Fat tissue appears in the embryo, and the formation of new lobules ceases in late fetal life or the early postnatal period. Lipoma is thought to result from a continuation of the proliferation of these fat tissue lobules. Thus lipoma is most common mesenchymal tumor & also known as ubiquitous tumor or universal tumor because it can arise from any part of body which contains fat. The treatment of giant lipoma is complete surgical excision but it associated with 5% recurrence rate.