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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2013 pp 270-272

Case Report

Upper Limb Proximal Deep Venous Thrombosis


K. Balagurunathan1, S. Selvakumaran2, Shanthi Vijayalakshmi3

{1Professor and Head, 2Assistant Professor, Surgical Gastro Enterologist, Department of Surgery}

{3Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology}

Venkateswaraa Medical College - 605102, Puducherry, INDIA.


Academic Editor : Dr. Aher K.R.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) of upper limb is an unusual phenomenon not being encountered frequently and hence there is often a delay in diagnosis unfortunate enough increasing the morbidity and mortality of this condition. Unexplained swelling of the upper limb in a healthy adult male/female and any predisposing factors from the patient’s history should alert the emergency room doctors for hospital admission and further investigations to confirm or rule out DVT before it is too late.