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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 9, Issue 1, November 2013 pp 149-151

Research Article

Study of Malondialdehyde(MDA) as a Marker of Oxidative Stress in Anaemic Pregnant Women


Dhananjay V. Bhale*, Manjusha D. Hivre**, Roshan K. Mahat***,Ashlesha A. Bujurge***

*Professor and HOD, **Assistant Professor, ***PG Students, Department of Biochemistry

MGM Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Academic Editor : Dr. Aher K.R.



Anaemia during pregnancy is a commonest medical disorder that can have deleterious effects on mother as well as on foetus in the form of maternal morbidity and mortality, intrauterine growth retardation, poor weight gain, premature labour, preterm delivery and peri-natal morbidity and mortality. Iron deficiency anemia is the most widespread pregnancy associated pathological condition. The objective of this study was to determine the serum Malondialdehyde (MDA) in anaemic pregnant women and to compare them to that of non anaemic pregnant women. Materials and Methods: Present Cross sectional study was carried out in the Department of Biochemistry MGM Medical College, Aurangabad during March 2011 to March 2013. A total of 50 pregnant women of 15-35 yrs age with hemoglobin level < 10.5 g% were compared with 50 non anaemic pregnant women. Anaemia was diagnosed based on haemoglobin levels (<10.5gm/dl). Serum maondialdehyde (MDA) was estimated by method of Nourooz-zadeh J et al. using trichloro acetic acid and thiobarbituric acid. Mean and standard deviation were calculated for Hb%, Serum MDA. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS no. 17 and student t test. In the present study, statistically significant increase in levels of lipid peroxidation(MDA) was observed in pregnant anaemic women as compared to those in non anaemic pregnant controls.