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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 9, Issue 2, December 2013 pp 218-220

Research Article

To Study the Chemotherapeutic Effect of Doxorubicin When Combined With Aspirin and Clopidogrel in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma Induced Adult Wistar Rats


Sakthibalan M.1, Rameshprabu S.2, Nileshraj G.3, Rameshkannan S.4, Ivan E. A.5, Sawadkar M. S.6

Department of Pharmacology, Sri ManakulaVinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Pondicherry, INDIA.

Academic Editor : Dr. Aher K.R.



Objective: To determine whether there is an enhanced chemotherapeutic effect of Doxorubicin when combined with Aspirin and Clopidogrel (anti platelet drugs) in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma induced adult wistar rats.Methodology: The adult male wistar rats selected for the experiment were divided into 5 groups with 6 rats in each group. Rats bearing Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma were used for the study. After 48 hours of inoculation of the tumor cells the rats in the control group were administered normal saline as i.p.injection on day 5. The toxic control group were administered Doxorubicin (15mg/kg stat dose i.p.) on day 5. Then Aspirin and Clopidogrel were administered orally for 7 days in different combinations and Doxorubicin was given as i.p. on the 5th day. On the 7th day rats were sacrificed with pentobarbitone overdose and the ascitic fluid was removed and volume was measured. The viability of the tumor cells from the ascitic fluid was measured by trypan blue exclusion technique.Result: The results obtained shows that Aspirin enhances the chemotherapeutic effect of Doxorubicin by reducing the tumor cell count. But Clopidogrel didn’t show any effect. Conclusion: Hence the enhanced chemotherapeutic effect of Doxorubicin with Aspirin was not due to anti-platelet activity. But there is some underlying mechanism by which Aspirin showed synergism and enhanced the chemotherapeutic effect of Doxorubicin, which has to be found out in future studies. Hence after further clinical trials Aspirin can be used as a novel combination with Doxorubicin in chemotherapy.