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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 9, Issue 2, December 2013 pp 270-274

Research Article

Significance of Serum Cholinesterase Levels in Patients of Organophosphorus Poisoning


Venkateshwarlu N.1, Gandiah P.2, Prabhakar K. K.3, Indira G.4, Sivarajappa P.5

1,4,5Professor, 2Professor and Head of department, 3Assistant Professor

Department of General Medicine,SVS Medical College, Mahabubnagar Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Academic Editor : Dr. Aher K.R.



Organophosphourus Poisoning (OP) is very important and challenging to treat in clinical situation. It carries a large amount of mortality and morbidity along with much economic loss to our society particularly the poor and farming community as most of our economy depends on crops. Early recognition clinically and biochemically guided management of the cases is the need of hour. One hundred cases of OP poisoning were analyzed. The severity was accessed clinically and by serial estimation of serum cholinesterase levels. Most of our patients had severe poisoning requiring mechanical ventilation; atropine and PAM (Prolidoxime) form the main stay of treatment. Good nursing care apart from medicines and artificial ventilation is needed for speedy recovery of the ailment. Serum cholinesterase depression is a good indicator for severity and diagnosis of the disease though improvement in levels of it may not be to the extent of that of clinical improvement.