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Table of Content-Volume 21, Issue 1 - November 2016

Diversity in the spectrum of malignant soft tissue tumors

Naseem Noorunnisa, Prema Saldanha, Syed Ahmed Hussain, Senthil N. Ganesh
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Study the association of midtrimester insulin resistance with development of pre-eclampsia among primi gravidae

Lakshmi Salodia, Mohan Lal Meena, Bhamini Jakhetiya
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

A retrospective study of prescription pattern and cost analysis of selected drugs used in coronary artery disease and angioplasty patients

Tamilselvan T, Hesly Rajan, Sabith T, Anand Kumar S, Kumutha T
Subject: Pharmacy Practice, Medical Sciences

Study of serum CRP and malondialdehyde levels in gestational diabetes mellitus and normal pregnancy

Amol D Shinde, Archana Dhotre, Suresh Ghangle, Mangesh Tekade, Sucheta Ghule
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Comparison of phenotypic methods for the detection of extended spectrum beta lactamase production among enterobacteriaceae

M Anitha Raj, V Abarna, E Arthi
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Hodgkins lymphoma presenting as a solitary bone tumor: A case report

Manimaran Karthikeya Pandian, Varaprasad Sagiraj, Indhumathy K
Subject: Orthopaedics, Medical Sciences

Clinico biochemical abnormalities in Thalassemia

Suman Ghosh, Sheereen Tarannum, Monidipa Ghosh
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

Study of serum uric acid and erythrocytic superoxide dismutase levels in gestational diabetes mellitus and normal pregnancy

Amol D Shinde, Archana Dhotre, Suresh Ghangle, Mangesh Tekade, Sucheta Ghule
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

A study of clinical profile of respiratory distress syndrome(RDS) in preterm babies

Sambhaji S Wagh, Deepa S Phirke, Sudhakar Bantewad
Subject: Pediatrics, Medical Sciences

Magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome

Shaurya Thakran, Hemant Mishra, Sunilagrawal, Ravindrakumar
Subject: Radio diagnosis, Medical Sciences

Anatomical variations of the chorda tympani nerve observed during middle ear surgeries-an institutional study

Rahman Abdul Aman, Raja Premnath, Subramanian Kulasekaran
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences

Clinicopathological study of splenomegaly in pediatric age group

Pore Shubhajyoti N, Patil Sunita P, Bindu Rajan S
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

The prediction of delivery date by ultrasonic measurement of fetal crown – Rump length in first and third trimester

Arati Mane, L L Pujari
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

An observational study to evaluate direct obstetric causes of maternal mortality at a tertiary care centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Niranjan N Chavan, Smurti Kamble, Neha Raj, Pradnya Changede
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

A study of different treatment modalities for carcinoma of breast at tertiary health care center

Koustubh Mench, T Phira
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

A clinico-demographic study of reproductive tract infections at tertiary health care center

Birajdar Annasaheb Gulabrao, More N V, Suwarna Dahitankar
Subject: OBGY, Medical Sciences

Trends of poisoning in Vidarbh region of Maharashtra

Shankar Dakhankar, Bipin Tirpude
Subject: Forensic Medicine, Medical Sciences

A study of prevalence and clinical profile of the patients having hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Vidya Jadhav, Supriya Waydande
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences

Study of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of ovarian masses

Delux V Godghate, Arvind Bhake
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences

Post-operative pain and analgesic requirements in breast surgery: Comparative study of combined general anaesthesia with paravertebral block versus general anaesthesia alone

Nilambari S Adke, Pravin C Jadhav
Subject: Anaesthesiology, Medical Sciences

Post-Ipsilateral compound GR 2 femoral neck and shaft fracture in a 2 year old children- A case report

Karan Chopra, Suman Dhar, Mangesh Panat, Pratik Israni
Subject: Orthopedics, Medical Sciences

A study of correlation between preoperative provisional diagnosis and intra operative findings in the patients with non traumatic acute abdominal pain

Anil Shriram Mundhe, Tushar S Agrawal
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences