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Welcome to the Statistics Online Expert, Useful for research interests. Statperson Research is one of the India's leading Statistical Solution Provider for researcher/Industrial. We can offer a wide range of expertise on many different subjects of Statistics from Univariate to Multvariate.


We can help you for giving Statistical Solution of Industrial Work, Research Projects, Research Papers, Assignments by using Statistical Software's like R, SPSS, SAS, Paython, STATA, Minitab, EpiInfo, GretL, MS-Excel, etc.

Expert fees for Statistical Analysis as below:
1. Analysis of Frequency Tables(upto 20) & Graphs(upto 5): Rs. 5000/- ($100)
2. Analysis of Frequency Tables(upto 40) & Graphs(upto 10): Rs. 7000/- ($120)
3. Analysis of Frequency Tables(40 to 60) & Graphs(upto 15 to 20): Rs. 9000/- ($140)
4. Anlysis of Freequency tables of point 1, 2 & 3 with Bivariate Analysis like Chi Square test, unpaired & paired t test, Odds ratio, Bivariate correlation & Regression(upto 10 tables): Rs 3000/- Extra.
5. Only Bivariate Analysis like Chi Square test, unpaired & paired t test, Odds ratio, Bivariate correlation & Regression, One way ANOVA(upto 10 tables): Rs 6,000/-
6. Multivariate Analysis like Linear Regression, Curve Estimation, Partial Least Squares, Binary Logistics, Multinomial Logistic, Ordinal, Probit, Logit, NonLinear): Rs 10,000/-($200)....Price varries depend upon number of Tables & data cleaning.
7. Special Criteria: Neural Network, Systematic Review & Meta Analysis, Discriminant & Principal Component Analysis, Hotelling T square, Survival Analysis by using (Life Tables, Kaplan-Meier, Cox Regression), Forecasting Models like ARIMA, AutoCorrelation, Spectral Analysis, Cross-correlation, Seasonal decomposition: Rs 15,000/-($300)....Price varries depend upon number of Tables & data cleaning.
8. Data validation & Missing value analysis: Rs 8,000/-
9. Preparation of Study designs, Sample Size calculation, Preparation of Questionnaire: Rs 4,000/- to Rs 10,000/-
10. ROC Curves: upto 4 ROC: Rs 4,000/-, upto 6 ROC: Rs 5,000/-, upto 8 ROC: Rs 6,000/-

Forward your Research Question to [email protected]
Moblie: Dr Atul Viraj Wadagale(MSc, PhD in Statisics) +91 9860840210


We also provide online training of Statistical Software like R, SAS, STATA, GretL, SPSS, Minitab, Paython


Following are available experts for your Statistical Solution:


SPSS Data Analyst


Helps you in your research design, Statistical Methods, Research Methodology sample size calculation, data analysis and interpretation of results.

Software known: SPSS, Minitab, MS-Excel, SPECTRUM and DemProj 


Survey and SAS Expert


Helps in wide range of research topics, Making mainframe of Statistical questions Survey Methodologies, exact interpretation of research solutions in business, industry.

SAS for Univariate and Multivariate for industrial/pharmaceutical work.

Software Known: SAS, SPSS.




Helps in Biological Statistics and Epidemiology Interest in developing general methodologies or models to describe biological systems. Help researcher for Statistical Support in area of Regression, Correlation, ANOVA, Descriptive Biostatistics, Multivariate Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Canonical Analysis, Mahalanobis Distance, Critical Analysis, Meta Analysis and Recent trends of Biostatistics.

Helpful for Medical statistics questionnaires.

Software Known: SPSS, EpiInfo, MS-Excel




The service is not free because of our Experience.


For details please send email to:

[email protected]

Statperson Research | Aurangabad | Maharashtra |2021 | INDIA.


Contact details: Head, Statperson Research, First floor, City Marvel Building,

Near S.B. Bus Stop, Aurangpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra INDIA. 431001.

Mobile no.:- +91 9860840210


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