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Table of Content-Volume 7, Issue 1 - May 2013

Autologus Fibrin Glue versus Sutures for Conjunctival Autografting in Pterygium Surgery: A Prospective Comparative Study

Smita Dileep Javadekar, Sindal Deokrishna, Ankit Sharma

Subject: Ophthalmology , Medical Sciences

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A Comparative Study of Anal Dilatation and Lateral Anal Sphincterotomy in Patients of Chronic Anal Fissure

Bhuwan Sharma, Ajay Sharma, R.S. Meena

Subject: Community Medicine , Medical Sciences

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A Study of Total Spina Bifida of the Sacrum in Western India

Dharati M. Kubavat, Shaileshkumar K. Nagar, Padma Varlekar, Kanan Uttekar, Sneha V. Kumar, Chintan Lakhani

Subject: Anatomy, Medical Sciences

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