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Volume 11 Issue 4 Of International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology (IJRTSAT) Challenges In The Field Of General, Applied and Recent Sciences with The Advanced Technologies Aimed At Providing An International Forum For Scientists, Researchers, Doctors, Engineers And Developers From A Wide Range Of Science Areas, To Exchange Ideas And Approaches In This Evolving Field. While Presenting Research Findings And State-Of-Art Solutions, Authors Were Especially Invited To Share Experiences On New Research Challenges, High Quality Papers In All Sciences And Technological Areas Were Solicited And Original Papers Exploring Research Challenges Did Receive Especially Careful Interest from Reviewers. Papers That Had Already Been Accepted Are Considered For Publications At October to December 2021. 69 Papers Were Submitted And 13 Were Accepted. This Volume 11 Issue 4 Of The International Journal Of Recent Trends In Science And Technology, Dedicated to All The Researchers And Well Wishers Of IJRTSAT.