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Abstract             Pregnancy in a non-communicating rudimentary horn is an extremely rare form of ectopic gestation. The rudimentary horn may or may not communicate with the uterine cavity with the majority of cases being non-communicating. The patient exhibits features of acute abdomen and carries a high risk of maternal death. we reported a case of unruptured nonviable pregnancy of 11 weeks of gestational age presented with 3 months of amenorrhoea ,pain in abdomen. we done laparatomy by removing rudimentary horn. Even modern scans remain elusive whereas laparatomy remains the confirmatory procedure for the diagnosis. Because of the varied muscular constitution in the thickness and distensibility of the wall of the rudimentary horn, pregnancy is accommodated for a variable period.

Keywords: Unicornuate uterus, noncommunicating rudimentary horn, pregnancy.



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