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Abstract          Introduction: Rhinoliths are calcareous concretions around calcinated intranasal foreign bodies within the nasal cavity. They are commonly seen in the anterior part of the nasal cavity. The incidence of adult rhinolith is very low. Rhinoliths are generally single, exogenous or endogenous, unilateral, and asymptomatic. Aims and Objectives: To Study Rhinolith as Detected by CT Scan Paranasal Air Sinuses at tertiary health care center. Methodology: It was a retrospective study of 2860 CT scans of paranasal sinuses during the period of June 2013 to August 2015 was done to detect Rhinoliths. The observations of CT scan were made and the results were statistically analyzed. Result: The majority of the Patients were from 30-40 age group i.e. 50.00% followed by 20-30-33.33% and 40+- 16.67%. Majority of the Patients were Female i.e. 66.67% followed by Male 33.33%. Conclusion: Rhinoliths are quite rare cases of the nose, which may show clinical and radiological similarities with each other and benign and malignant diseases of the region so in the nose diseases clinical suspicion of a rhinolith should always be considered, in order to lead to the right diagnosis.

Keywords: Rhinolith, CT Scan Paranasal Air Sinuses.


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