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Abstract     Aim: Our study aimed at evaluation of efficacy of endovascular treatment in terms of primary patency rate and limb salvage rate in lower limb peripheral vascular diseases along with evaluation of technical and clinical success rate and complications occurring during endovascular treatment. Material and Methods: This study was carried out in total of 50 patients referred to our department with symptoms of limb ischemia were evaluated by Duplex scan and CT angiography. Patients with TASC category A and B lesions were treated by endovascular treatment like angioplasty and stenting as when required under ‘Artis Zee Siemens biplaner DSA machine’. Post procedure patient were followed up at 6 months. Follow up was be done by duplex ultrasound scan. Results: We observed steady rise in number of patients operated with increase in age. Maximum patient were between 60-70 years (30%) followed by those in their 5th decade (22%).Diabetes was the most commonly encountered risk factor accounting for 56% patients. 54% patients showed the second most common association in the form of smoking. Hypertension was related to 40% patients. Total 56% patients (n=28) underwent angioplasty without stenting while 44% (n=22) patients required additional treatment in the form of stent placement. Most of the patients operated were from category B in both aortoiliac (n=7) and femoro-popliteal (n=14) groups. For infrapopliteal lesions the mode of treatment was only angioplasty without stent placement was done. Most complication are seen in the treating infrapopliteal lesions (n=6). Overall spasm of vessels was most common complication followed by puncture site hematoma and distal embolisation. A primary patency rate of 70% wasobserved. Limb salvage rate came to 78.0%.Aorto-iliac stenting had better outcome (77%) in primary patency vs. femoro-popliteal stent outcomes (69%). In femoro-popliteal lesions; stenting had a better outcome (69%) as compared to plasty alone (62%). Conclusion: Endovascular re-vascularisation procedure are effective and safe procedure. Angioplasty has dramatically improved the patient’s symptoms and healing those non healing ulcer, thus improving the quality of life.

Keywords: DSA, angiography, endovascular, angioplasty, stent, aortoiliac, femoro-popliteal, infrapopliteal, limb salvage, primary patency.



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