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International Journal of Statistika And Mathematika ISSN: 2277-2790 E-ISSN: 2249-8605

Volume 2, Issue 3, 2012 pp 21-26

Date of Publish30 April 2012


Research Article


Occasionally Weakly Compatible Mappings and Fixed point Theorem In Fuzzy Metric Spaces Satisfying Integral Type Inequality


S. K.Malhotra1, Navin Verma2*, Ravindra Sen3

1Department of Mathematics, Govt. S .G .S .P .G . College Ganj Basoda, Dist. Vidisha (M.P.) INDIA

2Department of Mathematics, S. D. Bansal College of Technology, Indore (M.P.) INDIA

3Department of Applied Mathematics , Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology Indore (M.P.) INDIA

Academic Editor: Dr. Jadhav V.A.




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