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Table of Content-Volume 6, Issue 2- June 2013


Multi-Objective Inventory Model of Deteriorating Items with Shortages in Fuzzy Environment

Omprakash Jadhav, V.H. Bajaj

Subject: Fuzzy Model, Optimization Techniques


An EOQ Model for Deteriorating Items with Quadratic Time Dependent Demand rate Under Permissible Delay in Payment

Santosh P. Gite

Subject: EOQ Model, Optimization Techniques


Fuzzy Average High Ranking Method for Solving Single Machine Scheduling Problem

Vikas S. Jadhav, V. H. Bajaj

Subject: Fuzzy Model, Optimization Techniques


Quality Improvement In Education System: Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Bhagat K. Gayval, V. H. Bajaj

Subject: Data Envelopment Analysis, Optimization Techniques


Oil Well Model and Rate Allocation Problem

Quse M.H. Shihab and V.H. Bajaj

Subject: Optimization Techniques


Data Mining and Optimization Techniques

Sunil Kawale

Subject: Data Mining , Optimization Techniques


An Analysis of Yield-Price Risk Associated with Cereal Crops

S. T. Chinchane, S. L. Sananse, C. D. Sonar

Subject: Probability Distribution, Statistical Sciences


Statistical Analysis of Personal and Socio-Economical Characteristics and Their Relationship with Net Income

Mhatre R. G., Sananse S. L.

Subject: Bivariate Analysis, Statistical Sciences


A Fuzzy Economic Replacement Decision Model

Prakash R Chavan

Subject: Fuzzy Model, Optimization Techniques


A Bivariate Optimal Replacement Policy for a Repairable System Using Two Monotone Processes

A. Mallikarjuna Reddy, B. Venkata Ramudu, M. Bhagya Lakshmi

Subject: Operations Research, Mathematical Sciences


Information theoretic approach in Parameter Estimation

Sandeep Kumar, Parmil Kumar, Mamta Khajuria, Ameena Rajput

Subject: Estimation Theory, Statistical Sciences


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