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Statperson Thesis to Book with ISBN number


We, Statperson Publishing Corporation are glad to introduce you our new Research service "Thesis to Book with ISBN and Publish it Internationally"


About Thesis to Book with ISBN number


A young scholar completes a Thesis/Dissertation and is congratulated by the supervising committee. A first-rate work, it deserves the applause. “You must publish this, Jitendra, and soon,” one committee member says, and goes on to suggest two or three publishing houses to which Jitendra might now write. Encouraged by the response, Jitendra sends off the manuscript, fresh from the defense. Then the author waits, but it’s not a long wait. The manuscript comes back from the publisher. The pages, which appear not to have been disturbed, are accompanied by a note. It isn’t even a personal note, just a form letter. “Dear Author,” the letter reads, “Terribly sorry. We don’t publish unrevised dissertations.” The new Ph.D. is understandably frustrated. “If scholarly publishers don’t want what I’ve just written, why was I advised to write this, and to write it this way? I’m encouraged to publish quickly. My committee praised my work. But publishers don’t want it. What am I doing wrong?”

The answer is easy. Jitendra wrote a thesis, not a book.



In today’s market, even a first-rate dissertation may fail to find a publisher, at least on the author’s first try. Who then is at fault? An inexperienced writer? A cautious editor determined to minimize financial risk for the publishing house? A dissertation committee out of touch with scholarly publishing today? The tenure system, with its demand for book-length publication in the face of increasingly unattractive odds?

Most of times we use the word that there is no such academic beneficiaries from our Thesis, its all regarding our API points/ MCI Credit points.

We Statperson Publishing Corporation try to solve this major issue. Here we welcome Dissertation/ Thesis from Researchers/Faculty Members from all fields of Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Engineering Branches to convert their Thesis to proper Book with ISBN and we will publish it internationally.

Name of Book: Prevalence & epidemiology of overweight and obesity among upper primary school children
ISBN:  978-1-312-77843-6

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