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Table of Content-Volume 3, Issue 3-2012 - July 2012


School Children as ‘Messengers’ for Improving Vitamin A Knowledge and Practices in Urban Slums.

Pradip Sawardekar, Gopa Kothari, Madhavi Marathe

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Assessment of Knowledge and Practices about Menstrual Hygiene amongst Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls –A comparative Study

S.B.Salve, R.K. Dase, S.M.Mahajan and S.A.Adchitre

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Hydrochemical Characteristics and Quality Assessment of Groundwater in Parts of Kannad, District Aurangabad (MS) INDIA.

G.D. Mahajan

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Sustainable Water Resource Planning and Management of Thorli Watershed Using GIS

A. J. Shirke, R.A. Suryawanshi, P.K. Deshpande

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Antifungal Properties of Gamma-Irradiated Chitosan from Sea Crab Shells 

F.C.K. Ocloo, A. Adu-Gyamfi, E. A. Quarcoo, Y. Serfor-Armah, D.K. Asare

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Glucose and Total Sugars Content and Changes therein in the Seeds of Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) Oken.(kusum) due to Bioterioration by Pathogenic Fungi during Storage

 AK Srivastava and GK Pandey

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An effort to domesticate wild edible mushrooms growing in the forest of Jharkhand

 Ajay K Srivastava, Fr Prabhat Kennedy Soreng s.j.

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Clinical Study of Patients of Chronic ear Discharge attending OPD in Govt. Medical College Hospital Jagdalpur, Bastar

Shukla S K

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Limberg Transposition Flap in the Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus – Our Experience

K. Senthil Kumar, R. Anantharamakrishnan

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