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Table of Content-Volume 7, Issue 2 - June 2013

Mid-Arm Circumference and Triceps Skin-Fold Thickness in Rural School Children

Sunil M. Kolekar, Sunita U. Sawant

Subject: Physiology and Anatomy , Medical Sciences

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Evaluation of Role of Creatine Kinase Activity as a Diagnostic Tool for Thyroid Function

Shamali Jungare, Ajay Jungare, Sanjay Sonone

Subject: Biochemistry and Pathology, Medical Sciences

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A Study of Modified Triple Test Score for Assessment of Palpable Breast Masses in Young Females

R. D. Jaykar, Kasbe P., R. P. Pargaonkar

Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

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Giant Lipoma Back Mimicking as Lipomeningomylocele -A Case Report

Dhiraj Parihar, Preeti Raikwar, Arvinder Pal Singh Batra, Jeewandeep Kaur

Subject: Surgery, Pediatrics, Physiology and Anatomy, Medical Sciences

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Surgical Management of Double Head Pterygium by Novel Approach - A Case Report

Bhalchandra S. Joshi, V. H. Karambelkar, Ankit Sharma

Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

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A Morphometric Study of Foramen Ovale and Foramen Spinosum in Dried Indian Human Skulls

Kulkarni Saurabh P., Nikade Vrushali V.

Subject: Anatomy, Medical Sciences

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A Study of Correlation between Essential Hypertension and Hyperuricemia

Ashita Vyas, Nikunj R. Patel, Kirtan Vyas

Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

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Internet Use among Intern Doctors-A Cross Sectional Study at Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, INDIA

Smita Andurkar, Lata Godale

Subject: Preventive and Social Medicine, Medical Sciences

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Risk factors for Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) among High School Students in an Urban Setting

Chaitanya Gujjarlapudi, Kasyapa V. B., Ravinder A.

Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences

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