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Table of Content-Volume 4, Issue 1- November 2012


Efficiency of Nearest Neighbour Balanced Block Designs for Correlated Observations (ARMA Models)

R. Senthil kumar and C. Santharam

Subject: Design of Experiments , Statistical Sciences

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MHD Accelerated Motion on A Body Placed Symmetrical to the Flow in the Presence of A Transverse Magnetic Field Fixed Relative to the Fluid

Mamta Goyal

Subject: Fluid Mechanics , Mathematical Sciences

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Applications of the Bi-Lateral Laplace-Mellin Integral Transform in the Range [0,0] to

Sarita Poonia, Rachana Mathur

Subject: Transformation Theory, Mathematical Sciences

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Effects of Slip Condition on Unsteady MHD Oscillatory Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid in a Planar Channel

Utpal Jyoti Das

Subject: Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Sciences

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