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Table of Content-Volume 3, Issue 2-2012


Preventing Shock and Vibrations Using Angular Mount with Polyurethane Elastomer

Battula Sudheer Kumar, Lanka Ramesh

Subject: Mechanical Engineering


Survival Status of Oesophageal Cancer Patients in Assam, India: A Bio-Statistical Analysis

Manash Pratim Barman, Jiten Hazarika and Kamaleswar Dutta

Subject: Biostatistics, Statistical Sciences


Determination of Expected Time to Seroconversion When the Antigenic Diversity Threshold Follows Order Statistic

R.M.Palanivel, P.Pandiyan and R.Sathiyamoorthi

Subject: Order Statistics, Statistical Sciences


On The Extension of Topological Local Groups with Local Cross Section

H. Sahleh, A. Hosseini

Subject: Topology, Mathematical Sciences

MV- Optimality of Nearest Neighbour Balanced Block Designs Using first order and Second Order Correlated Models

B. Ruban Raja, C. Santharam and Ramesh kumar

Subject: Design of Experiments , Statistical Sciences

Squeeze Film Lubrication between Parallel Stepped Plates with Couplestress Fluids

Biradar Kashinath

Subject: Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Sciences


Hydromagnetic Oscillatory Flow through a Porous Channel in the Presence of Hall Current with Variable Suction and Permeability

Khem Chand and Shavnam Sharma

Subject: Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Sciences

On Half-Cauchy Distribution and Process

Elsamma Jacob, K Jayakumar

Subject: Distribution Theory, Statistical Sciences


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Last Date of Submission: 31 October 2012

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